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FreetownFilms Associates

FreetownFilms is both a company and a network umbrella organization with tight relationships with a group of industry professionals.

Viktor Nordenskiöld


Award winning director Viktor Nordenskiöld, b. 1969, studied Fine Arts and Journalism (B.J.). He worked as a reporter and foreign news correspondent at Swedish television (1993-2000) before setting off on his own, focusing on documentaries. He’s filmed in some fifty countries around the world and is especially interested in identity, international relations, human rights and xenophobia. He is one of the co-initiators of the B2B Doc, the Baltic to Black Sea Documentary Network, where he is also active as a pitch trainer and tutor. In 2011 he founded the production company FreetownFilms.

FreetownFilms produces documentaries for TV and cinema with an international focus – dedicated in making commercially durable films without comprising artistically. We carefully choose projects. Our aim is to deliver unique stories that must be told, stories that must be seen. We make character driven films with the intention to create a sphere where audiences can connect with the film characters. The company name is a tribute to a child soldier that Viktor met in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Selection of work:

LUST FOR LIFE, under production, feature doc. UTRIKESMINISTERN (THE FEMINISTER) under production, feature doc. OUT OF THIS WORLD 2014, short doc. Director. Winner Best Documentary FICL. Official Selection Berlinale Generation 2014. EN SOM ALLA – ALLA SOM EN (ONE LIKE ALL – ALL LIKE ONE), 2008, doc 58 min. Director, producer & camera. Modern Studios. DOM KALLAS RASISTER (THEY ARE CALLED RACISTS), 2010, doc 46 min. Producer. TV4. Runner up Best Documentary Swedish Broadcasting-Award ”Kristallen” 2011. TOMORROW, 2011, micro doc 5 min. Director & Camera. Winner Best Documentary Cinema Out Of Your Backpack Awards 2011. SVENSKA SOLDATFABRIKEN (SWEDISH SOLDIER’S FACTORY), 2008, doc 46 min. Director & Producer. Modern Studios. KANTULES SKUGGA (THE SHADOW OF KANTULE), 2006, doc 58 min. Director & Camera. SVT. IDOLS AGAINST ALL ODDS, 2007, doc 46 min. Director. TV4. FREDLÖS (OUTLAW / GIRLS IN JEOPARDY), 2001, documentary 46 min. Director. TV4.

Farima Karimi


Farima Karimi (b.1985 in Shiraz, Iran) is a Swedish producer and filmmaker. She has a BA in Media and Communications from the School of Journalism at Stockholm University, and a Master of Fine Arts from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has previously worked at renowned production company Nimafilm on several of their award winning documentaries such as No Burqas Behind Bars and Prison Sisters. Her latest film Schoolyard Blues is produced in her own company Karimi Film, premiering and competing at Aspen Shortfest April 2017.


Selection of work:

LUST FOR LIFE (under production), feature doc. Producer. FreetownFilms. SKOLSTARTSSORG (SCHOOLYARD BLUES), 2017, short fiction. Producer. Karimi Film. Awarded Best Student film & the Youth Jury Award for Best Film/Aspen Shortfest 2017, Selected to Karlovy Vary Int. Film Festival – Future Frames. SYSTRAR BAKOM GALLER (PRISON SISTERS), 2017, feature doc. Producer. NimaFilm. Nominated Best Doc at Tempo, amongst others. SUSSIE OCH DOCKHUSET (SUSSIE AND THE DOLLHOUSE), 2016, short doc. Producer. NimaFilm & SVT/K-special. DE SOM SADE NEJ (THOSE WHO SAID NO), 2014, feature doc. Associate producer. NimaFilm. Jury Award/One World, Awarded Best Film/Sole Luna, Golden Nymph nomination/Monte Carlo, in competition/IDFA, amongst others. FRIHET BAKOM GALLER (NO BURQAS BEHIND BARS), feature doc. Assistant producer. NimaFilm. International Emmy Award & Prix Europa Award for Best Documentary, Guldbagge nomination, amongst others.

Andreas Magnell

Producer, director

Andreas MagnellRecent projects:


AN EVENING FOR TRANSTROMER. Producer, 2012 (gala event honoring the Swedish 2011 Nobel Literature Laureate).


KVALLSOPPET. Senior producer TV4, 2008-2011 Runner up Best Debate/News program, Swedish Broadcasting-Award ”Kristallen” 2009.

COVERAGE OF THE US ELECTION. Senior producer (TV4) 2008


Petter Brundell


Award-winning Senior Film Editor Petter Brundell has made well over hundred of full hours of documentaries for Cinema and /or Television release.

Viktor Nordenskiöld started working with Petter six years ago. They have made three documentaries together prior to The Clip. ”Idoler mot alla odds”  (Broadcasted at TV4 2007), ”Elvis på Cirkus” (Broadcasted at TV4 2007) and ”One Like All – All Like One” (Broadcasted at SVT 2008, also founded by The Swedish Film Institute).

Petter has a long list of successful films, for instance the award-winning ”Vikarien/The Substitute” (Swedish Guldbagge Award for Best Documentary 2007) and Emmy nominee ”Den Stora Friheten / The Great Liberty” 2011.

Cinema releases also include: ”Bedragaren/The Swindler” 2008, ”Flogstaskriket” 2012 (filmed in 3D) and  ”Familjen Persson i främmande land / Displaced Perssons” 2013, all together with Åsa Blanck & Johan Palmgren.

Apart from being editor he sometimes takes additional responsibility as director (Multimedia-events), producer (tv-documentary ”Skogman” SVT, with Thomas Fahlander) and photographer (three documentary tv-series for TV4 with Göran Rosenberg (”Amerikas val”, ”Sveriges Val” ”Amerika efter Bush”).

Bernhard Winkler


Screenplay Rural Love (1995)
Film Editor Ghostbrothers (2017), I trollkarlens hatt (2015), Pajala State of Mind (2015), A Separation (2014)More
Production Mixer Efter den tid som flytt (1990)
Advisor The Golden Beach (2008)
Assistant Cameraman Flumsnack (1994)
Other Crew Ouaga Girls (2017)
Thanks to George (2008), Agadir here vi kommer (2005), Godnatt Beijing (2005), Celebrating Lennart (2005)More

Karl Oskar Gustafsson



Director Knullstraffet (2008)
Marlene (2007)
Screenplay Knullstraffet (2008)
Marlene (2007)
Producer Knullstraffet (2008)
Marlene (2007)
Director of Photography Knullstraffet (2008)
Marlene (2007)

Wanda Bendjelloul

The Cinema Communication Centre – author of the study commissioned by the Swedish Film Institute
Cinema Zita (Folkets Bio) – Artistic Director
SVT Culture News – Reporter, editor UR Math patrol, children’s program – Feature Producer SVT Grynets Megashow – Editor
SVT Studio Pop, music program – Reporter Tidens publishing house, the book ”The Phantom lives in Kazakhstan” – Editor and writer
TV4 – Documentary ”Ken meets Kalamashaka” – Producer, photographer, editor UR – Cosmomind, Foreign program for youth – Reporter, photographer, editor
TV4 – Foreign program for youth: – Reporter, photographer, editor
SVT – News program, foreign affairs magazine 8dgr , ”Lilla Aktuellt”, ”Rapport” – Editor SVT (Swedish public service television company) – Documentary: We came to Auschwitz … – Producer, Editor

The reference group for Swedish short film, Folkets Bio 2005-2007 Reference group for Swedish short film The reference group for Swedish film, Folkets Bio 2007 – 2010 (Participated in the selection process and gave feedback to the filmmakers)

Juror, Karlovy Vary 2007 – Europa Cinemas Label
Juror, Tempo Documentary Film Festival, 2013

Kattis Hellberg


Katarina has a long record of reporter, coordinator, researcher, line producer and assistant director and in documentary filmmaking.
She partly lives in Brazil from where she has produced various reportages for Swedish Television. She also works as interpreter and translator to and from Portuguese mainly for films and TV-productions, recently the award winning documentary, My heart of Darkness, 2010.
She works as Production Manager for THE CLIP, coordinates the work and logistics in Mozambique, works as translator and is responsible for the archive research.

Lars Tillberg Galsgaard


Lars is currently managing the FreetownFilms website.
He also works as an assistant and with logging / transcribing films and material.
Aside from logging, he has been working as an interpreter and translator during The Clip´s production.